Highest trade defict in ten years


Conholes and arithmetic. One gets to expecting this sort of facepalm.


Math isnt’ your profession, mommy


You’re wrong and like a typical con, can’t admit it. You will start to succeed in life, when you’re open to learning to deal with your flaws and doing better.

Trolling is not the apex of human existence. You’re not hurting me, only yourself.


When I did QC I had calipers a yard long and

I had a fucking tool chest that had 250k worth of stuff - calipers and sich

ya had to move it with a fork lift

I had a six foot square stone table that had a surface tolerance of one millionth of an inch - dats flat as can be

I usually cud tell 1/1000 of a difference by feel


Thems some good tools.
Luckily I just throw hydraulic pipes together and torque, and throw the landing gear on… nothing too important :wink:

I only used the caliper for things like measuring tool marks, pipe sizes and so forth


This isn’t hurting myself, missy,
Math is cake, trolling is fun. What else is there to do in this echo chamber, anyway? :slight_smile:


I dunno, act like an adult human being comes to mind…


You mean you want me to act like a cranky, passive old man that doesn’t care about freedom?


A reminder of what you describe yourself as acting like, for your reference…


So “stupid” is a good troll?

Oh, I learned something today.


There are a lot of trolls who seem to think that making themselves look like idiots is somehow “winning”.

Which explains why too many of them idolize tRump.