His name is Philando Castile



how do we know?


Wasn’t his extrajudicial execution livestreamed?


So…we should not trust teh courts? Doesn’t TRUMP get in trouble for saying that?


We should “trust” the courts to do what courts have always done. That includes JURY NULLIFICATION.

Also, the Castile case showcases the fact that many municipalities, in order to protect themselves from civil lawsuits, have enacted laws to protect cops and to shield their coffers from the consequences of their having the kind of policing their ruling citizens prefer, in which a dead spade is deemed preferable to a live one.





all the more reason mexians shouldnt be cops.


And yet LIBs decry the mistrial of a black rapist, America’s dad no less.


I guess it’s safest to be a rich rapist. Or murderer.


I agree, racism is not the problem.


Not what I was saying.

Safest bet for raping with impunity:

1: Rich white man
2: White man of any class
3: Rich man of color


i didn’t know catholic priests were rich.


OMG. They got away with their shit for decades – prolly centuries. How many rapist preiest do you think lived and died without ever being charged, let alone sentenced?

They took a fall only because of some good investigative journalism and a critical mass of victims speaking out.


they are still doing it. just like the subhuman animals (blacks) in the sudan and other shitholes.

murrica? not nearly on that scale


What are you talking about?


your post about rich whil=te men being the #1 rapists. its catholic priests, and tribal warriors in africa.

niether one are rich white men. get the stick out of your ass about men.


Hey Joe, typically when people make broad political claims they are talking about their their polity or their “world”, like the job, or the city, state or Country…etc


Joe, I did not say they were the number 1 rapists. Please go back and re-read my post, then go to http://www.dictionary.com and look up “impunity.” Get back to me when you understand my post. Thanks. :wink:


tribal soldiers in africa rape with impunity.

you should understand what you post