Holy Shit... Roger Waters Live 2017 - "Pigs"



Roger Waters takes shit to a new level lol… I had seen some Trumpster crying about his show the other day but didn’t see any of it until just now… seriously worth a good watch or two… :smile:


another version of it


Wish I would have seen this shit live.





Pro shot


Some screen shots…


Have they been paying ZERO attention to the words and music over the last, mmmmm, 40 years or so?


Hell I was posting the first verse of this about Trump on Yahoo trolling a couple months ago and didn’t even know he had all this going. Pigs was written exactly for Trump… probably 40+ years ago.


I saw Waters perform The Wall at the nearby baseball stadium in 2006, he was very anti-Bush in his imagery.

I remember because Syd Barrett had just passed away.


Really there’s not a lot of artists out there I’d walk across the street to go see for free but I’d travel a few hours and dish out the dough to see Waters.


It was a fantastic show. I’ve only seen it the one time and I was amazed at the setup. I saw him once at Shoreline (smaller outdoor venue) and as usual his inflatable pig got away and floated across the bay and landed in a town on the other side. lol


Roger Waters Us & Them tour 2017 full concert - decent amateur shot…


Saw an interview recently (don’t recall the details) where he was asked if the tour was costing him anything…he said yeah, American Express pulled out of the promotion to the tune of $4 million…but he really didn’t seem to give a fukk.