How long before official impeachment is underway? Vote now!


Newsweek headline:
If Trump Is Impeached, Who Becomes President? How the White House Succession Plan Works​


As we saw with Clinton, a party will never convict its own President, even when there is a smoking gun. So the Dems should really wait on this until they pick up some seats in 2018.

Although my dream scenario is TRUMP gets thrown out, but then gets elected again in 2020.


Simply because of the trolling opportunities?


LIBs would lose their shit…


Interesting, but could a Constitutionally dethroned Potus legally rub again?




There’s nothing illegal about it, technically. It would be like the marion barry thing in DC.



Number of Democrat Senators: 46

Number of Senators needed to convict: 66


I know impeachment is a long shot, but hope springs eternal.


It can be like the Benghazi investigations. We can impeach him, the senate can take on STILL MORE bad karma by letting him off, we can impeach him AGAIN, the senate can…etc.


I’d wait on it personally.


You don’t think 20 CONs hate him and/or would rather not risk losing their seats in 18 because of him?


The ones who hate him are mostly cowards like Paul Ryan (House I know). They won’t want to risk a primary challenge from a MAGAman.


Huh? With Trump’s approval ratings, do you think they want him on their side in 18?


Those ratings are from the same pollsters who said he had no chance to win. I only trust Rasmussen.


The pollsters who didn’t think he had a chance to win are meaningless in the Congressional races. You can look at every seat in the Senate and the House and see if that district voted for Trump or not. I am guessing Trump support is in a minority of districts.

BTW, in spite of Tiny’s supposed 50% approval, Rasmussen says:

The latest figures include 31% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11. (see trends).


Trump won’t be impeached.


what a constructive discussion.