How to plant strawberries


I planted a 6 pack of them the other day, might pick up another six pack today and try to fill a bed up with strawberries… I want to get a bunch of perrenial berries like strawberries, raspberries, etc. going that grow and produce on their own every year and all I have to do is pick and eat.


Are you planting the roots like that?


Nah I had a 6 pack of actual plants about the size of his after his had grown.


I think I will give them a try, although I am getting a little overwhelmed. Maybe I will pick up some grape vines as well.:grinning:

Today I will be planting some catnip as well as some herbs and Chinese Lanterns. I am putting everything in 8 container peat pots to start:


Maybe some asparagus would be good as well.

Last year I bought some dwarf apple trees, they are already blooming. Last year I had one with an apple on it and I hadn’t even taken it out of the container yet.


I got a small bed with asparagus in it I started from seed last year, they’re just sending up little ferns… I was reading though the ferns get huge, probably only enough room for one or two in the bed I have them in… I have like 6-8 of them.

Got another 6 pack of strawberries yesterday, they were almost gone,