How to roll a kief joint


Got some low grade kief, figured out I could roll it up into a joint, these get me high as fuck and burn forever… takes about 2.5 grams of kief for a king sized cigarillo…

I use a roller, first dump all your kief into the roller… roll it up… (not too tight or it won’t burn well).


So how did it smoke? Would you do it again? And please describe any hallucinations you may have had.


I smoked half of it, they smoke great, nice and smooth, really slow burning, no hallucinations. Would I do it again? This was doing it again I rolled one a few nights ago too.


Hey Bildo, I see you use RAW paper

Is it really worth it?

Did you see a big diff from the others?


I like them better than the Zig Zags and the JOB bullshit, I get them off ebay cheaper than I could buy any of them around here.


I’m a fan of Elements, they seem the best “white paper”, at least from the ones I try

But I keep hearing about bleach in them and that the unbleached brown like RAW is better


I’ve heard the Elements papers are good but I’ve never tried them.I need to order some more papers soon, almost down to one book.


Ah yes… the old men smoking the old school types.


Better than your ghey ass vape pens. :-P, you gonna pass your vape pen around at a party?


Blunts and fans are the thing now.

I’ve never touched a vape.

Also haven’t smoked marijuana in any sense since 2012.


Don’t smoke blunts, what the fuck’s a “fan?”





I got an oil rig…I’d rather smoke choice buds than dab oil though. None of that shit is new you know… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just recycled ideas.


So in WA state can a guy just go to the pot shop and buy a lb of weed or seeds?


I’ve been in once to buy a friend some indica, I just went in and picked a higher THC rated packet weighting 2.5, handed the clerk $20 and went on my way.

Not sure about pounds.


Yeah I don’t think any of these legal places will let an ordinary consumer come in and buy a lb, it’s all nickel and dime bagging you to death bullshit. I can go buy 100lbs of tobacco though and if I have the cash nobody gives a fuck.


They have higher amounts… just not sure they even carry a pound at a time lol


I think an oz is the most a consumer can buy in any state.