How to setup NordVPN or OpenVPN on an Amazon Fire TV Stick


I tried the Nord App on Firestick but it didn’t display at a size that I was able to use. If you can get it working though please share.


Unable to transfer the vpn config file from my droid cell phone to the firestick using ES File Explorer. Both phone and firestick are connected to the same network. In ES File Explorer, on the phone there is an option for “Sender” under “Network”. On the firestick ES File Explorer this option isn’t available. The last option under “Network” is “Net Manager”. Get a “No recipient found. Tap to rescan” message when trying to transfer the file from phone to firestick using the “Send” feature of ES File Explorer. Anyone encounter this problem?

Outside of this I was able to upload ““Open VPN for Android” from my droid phone to the firestick using Apps2Fire. Not sure how close I am to finishing this. It’s been 3 days of driving me nuts trying to figure this out.


Hi Mold, I just installed the Open VPN for Android with the Apps2Fire, then I was able to use ES File Explorer on the Firestick to network into my desktop PC, where the Nord Config files are and open it as an Open VPN Configuration file.

I only used Apps2Fire to get Open VPN for Android on my Firestick, the rest was done with ES Explorer and my Desktop, not sure if you can do it all from a phone.


Thanks. That sounds complicated. Was there a particular website you used for this step?


was it a regular PC with a hardline to the network or did you have a laptop with shared wifi…because my PC doesn’t have a wifi card. It’s just an ethernet jack to the router


Not really complicated, if you have your PC and TV connected to the same network, use ES File Explorer from the Firestick, click on LAN I think it is, (Probably more details in my original post) find your PC in ES Explorer, mine asked me for my PC login and password and then I was in, found the Nord Config files I had downloaded earlier, clicked Open as Other I think it is when I clicked on it and then Open as an Open VPN Configuration file…

You might be able to tunnel into your phone the same way from ES Explorer on the firestick, I really don’t know.

I did it like you’re doing, I messed around with it for 3 days until I finally got it! Good luck.


Thanks. Trying now.


We’ve got WiFI that runs our computers and tv, not sure how you’d do it in your case!


hahahahaha I was soooo close…


Did you get it?


I see my PC name. If I hold down the firestick button I can get a green arrow selection on it. Beyond that I don’t see anything I can do to get into it


Yeah ES Explorer is kind of weird and it took some getting familiar with it I think just to learn how to access my PC! Keep trying I say, don’t give up, if you see your PC that’s good, you should be in it soon. lol


Thanks. I’ll update the thread if I figure out another way to do this in case someone else is running into issues


Thanks, you’re always welcome to kill time here too, most people chat during the day/early evening… they’re all old and in bed by now.


It’s downloading the config files and setting up the VPN. I FTP’d into my firestick from my PC using its IP address and discovered that the config file was actually in the download folder. So even though ES File Explorer was giving me an error in the transfer, it actually worked. But only worked once because the date of the file is yesterday. All attempts today continued to fail for some reason. I doubt there is a setting that won’t replace an existing file that prevented today’s attempts from succeeding.


Interesting, so you just used a regular FTP program like Filezilla and you were able to get into the Firestick?


From ES File Explorer: Network/Remote Manager. Select “turn on”. This will give you an IP address for the firestick. Just go to your PC and type that address into your address bar. Since you’re on the same network it will allow you to look into your firestick folders


It’s not a true FTP. I can’t upload anything into the folders from the web but if you had an FTP app, this would provide you the IP address to use


Thanks, I might try it sometime… I use Filezilla FTP for web servers, it’s free…


Do you recall where you chaned the VPN setting to always connect when it boots up? I scrolled through the settings and didn’t notice it