How to setup NordVPN or OpenVPN on an Amazon Fire TV Stick


I looked at a few FTP apps yesterday thinking I’d FTP the config file but they looked complicated


No but it’s definitely in the Open VPN settings, my tv is on the other side of the house or I’d go look.


Or at least in my version of it.


Thanks. Found it. I was actually looking in the Edit part of the completed download file thinking we had to change the settings in there. How do you check to see if you’re really connected. Didn’t see the same options as the PC for picking a counter router and a validation of being connected


To check your IP it’s in your firestick Settings somewhere, I forget offhand, the same place that you got your IP address of your firestick I think, it should have a different IP than your network if the VPN is working…


It’s odd. Open VPN gives me the option to disconnect leading me to believe I’m connected. But the IP address hasn’t changed. rebooting the firestick didn’t change the IP.


I’ve checked mine a few times and it’s always working. So you powered off the firestick? Ours is hooked into our TV USB and I think shutting down the television and turning it back on reboots it.

Also maybe check out some of the settings more in Open VPN around the same area that you set it start up automatically.


You have to be really close to having it working!


Yeah I’m getting an error when I try to connect now. Cannot resolve host address. No address associated with host name. May need to load a new config file


cleared the app cache and data. launched it again and loaded the file again. again it succeeded but IP address stays the same


After I loaded the config file and changed the settings in Open VPN it has worked for me. I can try to post my Open VPN settings tomorrow if that will help.


Thanks. The only thing I changed was the log in at boot. Did you change more?


I may have, I’m not sure!


what’s funny is I called NordVPN for support on this earlier. They sent me some geek wizzard link. Didn’t have any advice beyond that. You’d think they’d figure this out to increase their user base, especially with native apps that can be downloaded for easy VPN install on firestick like IPVanish


Yeah I looked and looked for info on how to do this and didn’t really find anything but enough to hack it together myself like you did. Most of what I saw was telling you to go buy some expensive router. I’ve never heard of IPVanish before.


IPVanish can be downloaded directly from google store on the firestick and you’re good to go. you don’t get as much security around the VPN as NordVPN. that’s the trade off. It’s a VPN but that’s it. Nord gives extra protections


I downloaded an app named “Downloader” from the firestick, It allows you to access websites directly. I entered the web address http// It will display the IPv4 address. This was different than my original pre-VPN IP address (even though my Firestick still shows that web address). I Turned off the firestick and connected again. The IPv4 address changed again and was also different than the pre-vpn IP address shown to me on the Firestick. I contacted NordVPN support and they said that this means that I am connected to their servers. I’m still not sure why the Firestick is showing the original IP address. It could be a IPv6 address. NordVPN uses just IPv4.

The chat agent told me If you are receiving another IP address via your browser that means that all of your connection is being rerouted through that IP. Therefore you have nothing to worry about.


There were a couple other people reporting a similar issue a few weeks ago in this thread, that their IP asn’t changing, hopefully this helps people, thanks for sharing…

On another note, do you know of any VPN services that offer the Open VPN Configuration files like Nord does?


I supsect that many of the popular ones should be ok with Open VPN. I called ExpressVPN support before buying NordVPN and they told me that it could be sideloaded to firestick


Hello, I have been searching for a solution to use my NordVPN account on my Firestick and found this page. I am a little confused though. Do I need an Androd phone to make this work of can I just use my PC?