Hurricane coming to florida


Hopefully next week only 49 states


I heard Mar-A-Lago is in it’s path. so unfair, why is mother nature being disloyal to Trump?




He will just make money on the insurance


And this might help him out with the bed bug problem








First Fox and now this?!


And Mattis is all but outright calling Trump a “retard”


I think one of these ralllies he’s really going to fuck up and say something he thinks about his supporters but doesn’t mean to say.

Just you wait, this is 4 years later and he’s really losing his marbles.


Yes…very obviously.


Mattis is a fucking idiot




A pile of mouldy rat shit has more dignity


I have a niece and a sister who live in Port St Lucie. I told my niece several days ago that they could come up and stay with me for a few days but my niece said that they are too busy putting the downstairs furniture upstairs. They will probably be spared the violent winds but flooding is expected.


They’re in King Tide now,ie higher than average tides, then add storm surge it could get messy.


They were just talking about that on teh PBSses.


Yeah, I just got off the phone with them.


There shud be no one living there

remind me if I take over the whirl