I actually painted rocks today




Just what is your major malfunction soldier?


What a waste of money when people are dying because they cannot afford insulin - which is 350 a vial in the USA and 40 dollars in Canada - same thing

I cannot hope enuf a fucking disease wipes out the human race and leaves all else intact


Two entirely different issues.

And for the record, my girlfriends brother requires insulin and we go up to Canada to buy it.


How the fuck is separate issues - trillions are pissed away when people are ill and dying form shit medical care -

and not everyone lives close to Canada

how much care would just one of them useless fucking tracked vehicles pay for?

And people have died from not being able to afford insulin <---- FACT


Is there a limit on how much you can bring in on that, or is this one of those things that everyone just kind of “doesn’t see”




I’m sure we could all get a “max out”, but insulin expires.


How much are you saving this guy would you guess? Per trip, or per week or ?


We’ve done it mayhe 4 or 5 times, but my guess is it would be over $10k/yr in savings not including gas, food and such. We make an enjoyable weekend out of it so there is an added expense.


Kill everyone - be fucking glad I don’t have the button to do that


Why do diabetics always want free stuff, don’t they know we have a 400 billion dollar airplane that doesn’t fly too good? (F-35 reference, but whatev)


Been a busy couple days, today was our first shower since the 8th. We completed two night and two day raids. (One blank ammo, one live ammo). This shit is too fun, but the shower today was such a morale booster. Being the Commander. I usually post up in my hammock at night.



I figure since it’s so juicy I’ll give y’all a play by play.

We almost rolled over 4 times thanks to my dumb ass 22 year old LT. Instead or rolling though, we slide and hit a rock. We drove about 45 miles offroad before she exploded.

But it was a beautiful sunset

Edit: we were just let known that someone died during training. For fucks sake.


In addition, the Minnesotans are going on a trip North again:
June Caravan to Canada

Are you Sick of the High Cost of Insulin in the US; Buy Insulin for Less in Canada

— FREE Bus Leaves Friday, June 28th @ 7 a.m. CT; Returns Sunday, June 30th

Join Quinn Nystrom (MN Chapter Leader), as I co-lead a group in partnership with T1International 1 and Health Care Voter 1 from Minnesota to London, Ontario, Canada to raise awareness about insulin affordability, and to purchase insulin that costs a 10th of the price! An added bonus is that we’ll be going to The Banting House which pays homage to the discovery of insulin almost 100 years ago. The bus will make stops in Madison, WI, Chicago, IL & Lansing, MI to pick-up other participants.

Deadline to register: Wednesday, June 19th at midnight

Click the link for the itinerary and information about accommodations and other costs (bus is FREE, and we have hotel scholarships if money is a factor for going on the trip). Just hit reply to this e-mail to ask questions about that if interested.

Details of the Weekend Trip:

Host Contact Info: Quinn, MNinsulin4all@gmail.com

For More Info. and to Register: https://actionnetwork.org/events/june-caravan-to-canada 1