I can't be arsed to search for the Kavanaugh thread, so


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TheRabbit does this for all a you


It’s a FB video. I looked for it on YouTube and didn’t find it.

I wish I knew more about embedding a video from FB to other platforms, but I don’t.


Anyhoo only POTUS can order an FBI investigation on this case, for some reason.

And TRUMP has apparently done so.


Also I don’t have a FB id but I could watch it, so neener.


Pulp Fiction Scene

Jules: You’re Brett right?

Brett: Brett

Jules: I thought so

Brett: I got into Yale Law School

Jules: Check out the big brain on Brett.

Brett: It’s the #1 law school in the country.

Jules: You’re a smart motherfucker that’s right.

Brett: I got no connections. I got there by busting my tail.

Jules: It looks like Vince and I caught you boys at breakfast, sorry about that.

Brett: Beer. I still like beer.

Jules: Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down.

Brett: Sometimes I had too many beers, but I did not drink to the point of passing out

(Jules slurping up soda out of paper cup and making his famous “aah” sound) … and I never sexually assaulted anyone.

Jules: Yes you did! YES YOU DID, BRETT!

Lindsey Graham: He is warm, friendly, unassuming…He’s the nicest person.

Jules: I don’t remember asking you a god damn thing.

Lindsey Graham: says nothing, blank look in shot

Brett: Blank nervous look

Jules: Oh, I’m sorry did I break your concentration?


Oh I just found it online on Mashable







If you done nuttin wrong, ya gots nuttin to worry about, or something!





That was a word I first heard from a couple U of O Frat boys i worked with back in the 80’s.



Uh huh.




Brett’s Fox News interview was entered into evidence, and Brett is on record under oath affirming that everything in that interview is true. This now means that his statements to Fox are testimony.




The latest rumor that I heard is that when Brett was is the fourth grade that he claimed that his dog ate his homework. So, not only do we now know that Brett is a drunkard but also that he is irresponsible and a liar.