I can't be arsed to search for the Kavanaugh thread, so


He most certainly is a liar. He lied under oath about something he didn’t need to lie about. No reason to pretend to be a boy scout.


IMHO, lying about inconsequentials is a serious red flag.


Exactly, he’ll lie about nothing, he’s going to lie about something that really matters.



He’s going to be confirmed. Mark my words.


I have a sad feeling you’re probably right. Even though the ABA, his own College, thousands of Clergy, millions of women all say no.


They don’t care what people think. Most people only learn the hard way. A reckoning is coming though.







Only for two years? I think he’s been in place longer than that.


Fair cpmment.




I dunno if I should laugh or scream.


Fuck Collins and Manchin.

Those stupid poor dumbfucks in W.Virginia kill me.






Early this morning.

Reading them into the Congressional Record.

Call him and encourage more.

Call Jeff Merkley, and let him know how much you appreciate what he has done: Washington, DC Phone: (202) 224-3753 Salem, OR
Phone: (503) 362-8102