I did it!


I have tried my hand at trolling on Twitter. Now I am not sure if I am actually trolling or just telling morons who support Roy Moore off but it’s been enlightening.

My favourite has been some MAGA asshats who can’t make a cogent argument to save their damn lives. We’ve been through year book fraud (because they come out in August and it was December when he signed it) to the usual “what about insert another sexual assault freak here” to it’s a Democrat witch hunt (the woman who was 14 when he allegedly assaulted her is a Trump supporter) to I posted something to Rosie O’Donnell so I’m weird to “his wife is standing by him” (yeah so did Bill Cosby’s until she smartened the fuck up) to parental permission (parents can’t give permission to sexually assault their kids) to he’s a Christian and a Godly man (yeah so were priests and we all know how that turned out).

I think I really need to step back and ask myself the same thing George W Bush asked…“Is our children learning?” I’m not feeling they have been.


I did too!

That is sooo amazing that we both did it! This just makes me feel we are true boob squeeze sisters and never been closer. :rofl:


I guess the question is, what are you expecting.


“Is our children learning?” WTF?


Not you again!


Isn’t that something Bush said?




Is our children learned yet?


I have the feeling that, after lurking message boards for years and swatting down the likes of Hansen, Twitter would be like shooting fish in a barrel.


Now this MAGA ass has thrown Hillary, men don’t get kids in child custody battles, the Clintons had people killed, something about Nancy Pelosi, lesbians in gay bars, to no forensic evidence (these aren’t rape cases) and then what it really boils down to…“his” political side is being attacked so you gotta defend your own.


Yeah…it’s shockingly bad.


And now I’m locked out of Twitter. They want a cell phone number to unlock it so they can get fucked.


I mostly agree but I wonder why the Democrat party said not a word when Roy Moore was a Democrat official at the time.


Did they know?