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A Scottish teenage girl plays the guitar and writes a song

A Scottish teenage girl learns guitar and writes a song. When she performs it at the talent show, to her father’s disapproval, she wears a crop top.

During a guitar solo, her father walks up on stage and starts singing the song as if he’s part of the act, and then he wraps her exposed belly with a towel.

In shock, the girl says to her dad, "Why are you coverin’ me mid-riff?”




^^ made me chuckle



(For those not as hip as I am, that guy “Puddle Of Mudd”??? apparently did an extremely terrible awful cover of one of Nirvana’s epic power ballads…) Google it, I’M NOT YER INTERN!

Don’t make me stop this car!



Looks like a chop, but still amusing.







And if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, take my wife, please!



Mines bigger.



“Who put the pomp in the Pompadour?”

Why The Fabulous Jags, of course.