I don't go anywhere without my emotional support peacock




Fookin airlines, i had the same problem with my emotional support Silverback Gorilla.


Me too. I wanted to bring along my emotional support great white shark.


I was able to get on with my emotional support flu virus, what’s the problem?


I just booked a flight with my emotional support anaconda. I hope there won’t be a problem there.


As long as it’s a free range Anaconda you should be ok.


Is that what the kids are calling it these days?


United Airlines prevented a woman from boarding her flight out of Newark, New Jersey, because she tried to board with an emotional-support pet, which was her peacock. They were all set to let both of them on, but then they caught the peacock with over three and a half ounces of shampoo.

But this was a devastating blow to the peacock’s confidence, it really was. They had to stop on the way home and get the peacock an emotional support peacock.

~James Corden


Can I bring an emotional support whore?





Florida woman removed from plane after boarding with ‘emotional support’ squirrel



Was it a flying Squirrel


WTF is wrong with humanity?


Nukkin the squirrel had to go into hiding

this is real and not made up - in court forever