I going out on a limb


the violence in all these cities has to stop. Why hasn’t 3 months been enough for some communities.

Go ahead, hate on me. I don’t care, a victory is going to be handed to Trump.


I’ve been getting worried about that too.


4 more years of Trump.


The Caravan into Portland Saturday night by the Trumpers was very troubling, and then a prominent local tv station giving the dead guy’s friends including Joey Gibson the Grand Dragon of the Proud Boys some unchallenged airtime…


Well, we know that Oregon has had their race problems for a very long time.


I like to think we haven’t at least in my lifetime had too bad of a problem, but as Billdo can attest, we have lots of white folks up here, so that may have reduced racial tensions compared to others areas.


Wasn’t it started as a state that didn’t allow black migration?


That had more to do with the looming civil war Oregon achieved Statehood in 1859, and the various “Missouri Compromises” and sich. At the time of our statehood as I understand it there were maybe a handful of non native poc’s


‘He dindu nuthin!’


Thank you. This is fact. Stop fighting looting burning now


And unless a person is barred from voting or homeless, vote and make a difference.


The kids in the streets don’t care about either failed party. Most of them see the choice as being between two old white fascists who represent the old dried up status quo and not them… I can’t help but agree…

As my roommate put it… Trump will shoot us in the face, Biden will just shoot us in the leg… Either way though you’re gonna get shot… But yes she plans on voting for Biden because she would rather get shot in the leg.

Democrats need to stop blaming others when they lose and rather start asking how a party of progressive voters, literally in the street screaming for progressive policies and all the party has to offer them is another old Republican light old white guy…


He doesn’t even believe in legal weed for fucks sake…


Barbara Tuchman famous historian asks in 1973 if we should abolish the Presidency.



I’d rather get shot in the leg. I’m rational like that.


He isn’t Bobby Kennedy either, but imho most importantly, HE IS NOT DONALD TRUMP, and at this stage of the game, that should reason enough.


Most I think would prefer not to get shot at all.

Instead of blaming everyone else when they lose maybe Democrats need to reflect on how being Republican light loses elections.


Does he have to? If Congress finally puts that bill on his desk, would he veto it?


That’s literally all Democrats have to offer… He’s a POS too, but hey at least our crusty old turd isn’t Trump. Instead of getting someone smart and progressive it’s just another crusty old turd.


I don’t think he would, i suspect in his mind he realizes it’s time…but he has to walk that fine line during the Campaign between looking like a “Radical Extreme Leftist” and a Professional Common Sense Politician.