I going out on a limb


You guys are still in denial that your party picked the worst possible candidate and you’re already looking to blame others. I don’t know what to tell ya… don’t blame me when they lose, I’m just the messenger. :slight_smile:


No, we’re not in denial.

We know what our sides is willing to sacrifice our vote for…


You’re already blaming people here fighting against police brutality for Trump winning instead of your party nominating a candidate that people aren’t excited at all about voting for. Trumpers can’t wait to vote for Trump.


Look vote for whomever you want. No one is stopping you.

People don’t think Joe can stop the loonies. Don’t change your mind. Just know that you’re hooliganism isn’t supported by everyone.

Move along now. You don’t give a shit. You have nothing to lose, right?


I feel like there’s a lot of the same type of generational disconnect with the current protests/political system as there was during the vietnam war protests. You guys don’t get it, out of touch with what’s happening and mad.


My hooliganism? I haven’t been to one for at least a month and I’m always peaceful, I do still support the protests though and all but the physically violent protesters which are very few.

I’m voting for Biden but I’m sure not excited about it.


Not your’s personally, I meant in generalities.


Billdo it is not Oak or I or anyone here or at the protests that decide, it is the Borg that decides the election, and the election generally lives and dies on the “crossover” vote/




Well, I think you could safely leave ME out of the “you guys” thing. My reality is that I’ve done my share of protests, cops, national guard, and all. I was already radicalized by Woody and Pete and Bob and others BEFORE Uncle Sam called me up, and then I spent 3 years in the army and the next dozen years ate up with PTSD and substance abuse. I’ve had to hold my fukin nose in every single damn election I ever voted in, and I didnt miss a single election.

And now I’m on the verge of turning 77, odds are pretty good I may not last until the 2024 election, so this might be the last nose holding exercise I have to do. The die is cast, and it’ll turn out however it turns out. I don’t have time to be mad at this point and I sure as hell don’t have an obsessive need to be “right” about anything.


I forgot to mention, the only reason I didn’t go to Toronto in 1963 and stay there for the rest of my life was, it would have broken my mom’s heart.


The demographics that the Democrats need to win were probably lost when they nominated Biden instead of someone with actual progressive policies who wasn’t at Stonehenge with Trump. It’s not my fault or the protesters fault…


Portland protests have also been largely peaceful besides the nightly police brutality until the hoards of Trumpers invaded town to attack us. The goal here is to drain resources until we get real change. Obviously Democrats and Republicans alike will go to any extreme and any cost to protect their out of control pigs.

The USA is a failed state, USA’ns just haven’t figured it out yet. All either candidate has to offer in the end is more late stage capitalism aka fascism.


Not everyone is progressive. I don’t understand how the younger generation doesn’t get that.

I have a young family friend that really does understand the long game that Putin is playing. It’s too bad young people don’t get it. They’re out to foment discord and they are the ones driving so many young people.

It’s all a manipulation.


Racism and bigotry isn’t a political opinion, it’s a morality issue. A lot of the younger generation isn’t having it and aren’t going to meet the bigots half way like Democrats who have been coddling them for decades. I don’t think it’s going to be a civil war, I think it’s going to be a bunch of angry old people who left them with the shit system to begin with…


If Trump wins there will be more racism than if Biden wins

And a black man in power was what made the right wing lose their minds to begin with.


Everyone was $400 away from being in the streets before covid19 and now they’re there… Failed State


Who is everyone?

Even here all of our regular posters are here, everyone with wifi.

We need to take stock on what’s actually happening, not what’s happening to some people we know. As bad as those things are, it could easily be much worse.


Trump just brought them out of the closet but it’s always there… not to mention how both parties are ok with bombing brown people anywhere in the world in the name of fascist murican imperialism… it’s a total racist, fascist country and now that covid19 has taken the blinders off it will be going full blown fascist no matter which old white guy you vote for. Late stage capitalism is fascism… But hey at least Jeff Bezos is the richest person ever. Yay… :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you ever go to say The Tenderloin district and check out the state of things? When grandma in a wheelchair is living on the streets and eating out of garbage cans it’s a failed country…