I going out on a limb


Then it’s always been a failed country. Always. Just like almost every country on Earth.

Even the European social democracies have homeless people on the streets.

It’a failed world.


The USA is the only modern country without healthcare for everyone. Trust me, New Zealand is looking way better than Murica right now.


It’s weird how you still think we’re like #1 and if we aren’t then everyone else is a failed state too… not necessarily… I can’t think of a single modern country besides the USA where I would consider the leadership illiterate for instance… I mean come the fuck on, the president of the country should be able to read and possess some intelligence… shouldn’t they? And democrats just go along with it, they’re just here to provide us with the illusion of choice… not one democrat has called him out on his obvious illiteracy.


And what happens when you finally do vote the right person in???



I understood that from day on. I don’t think the Democrat Party did too well during that period: