I guess the maggot cruz is gona win - but welcome back sweet Nancy fer house speaker


Not a good night, but at least they will prolly fetch the house


WTF, Happened Blue Wave?


I guess they don’t want health care or SS

I guess they want more hate

At least Nancy will piss them off


Beto losing pisses me off. But hey it is Texas.


But the Turtle is gone(as Speaker), and I am very ok with that.


I’ve got some bad news for you…




Stunningly, Scott Walker is not quite yet out. He trails by 0.04%, down about 1000 votes out of roughly 2.5 million


And that’ll put the wrap on Scotty Walker


Rohrabacher is trailing. Not by much, but trailing


What percentage of the votes are in?


Mitch is in the senate

lern yer setups


It was 61% at the time but Rorhabacher LOST


Sadly, Nunes won.


It’s f’ing Fresno. Buttttttt, Nunes lost his ability to ptotect Trump. The rest of America saw to it giving the Dems the House.

  • Democrats have picked up 34 House Seats
  • Democrats have picked up 7 Governor’s Seats
  • Republicans have picked up 2 Senate Seats

There’s last night in a nutshell


Schadenfreude: Scott Walker’s Wisconsin GOP changed their recount laws so now he doesn’t qualify for one.



Couldn’t happen to a better guy.


Steve Fucking King won. smh


Well it is Iowa… it’s not exactly brain surgeon capital of the country… It’s all Trumplandia out here… with little pockets of liberalism… fuck these people. :stuck_out_tongue: