I had to call in sick today


After being kept up most of the night by the ITD doing excavation work less than a block from my building.

They’ve been making the building vibrate so hard that my dishes have been rattling.

The sound generates a headache with nausea that nothing will abate.

I can’t afford to miss another days pay, any suggestions (that are legal in Idaho?)

Oh, I have complained about this before, and was given the number of the project manager. I am sharing that information, with anyone I can, who has been negatively impacted by this nonsense.


How long are they gona do it


According to their website, until-thru October. They’ve been doing this off and on since April. With the noise getting worse as they got closer and did more excavating.


Evil fucking socialism keeping people awake


I’m not against road improvements per se. But pulling this shit in the middle of the night, in the center of town, a stones throw from where people live and are trying to sleep? Hell, Fuck, No.

Rural area where no one will be bothered? Fine. NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!!

I’ve let a couple hotels who likely had to field numerous complaints know who to call. I’m betting the project manager is going to hate life before long. I also posted the info in my building so my neighbors can give him a ring. I know I wasn’t the only one being kept up by this shit.


You would think your town would have noise ordinances to address this bs.


Apparently agencies like the ITD are exempt.

Wait till they get closer to the hospital. Imagine doing surgery,
and all of a sudden the building vibrates like a 3.2 earthquake.

I stopped in one of the health food stores and picked up some
stuff to help me relax. It won’t address the headache and nausea
the vibration causes, but it’ll hopefully help with the stress.



I’m sorry it’s such a shitty situation for you and your neighbors.