I have this kid in my class


who is an internet troll and is always making comments that are based on his trolling expertise. For instance, today he raised his hand and said, “Here’s a way to really irritate people by using a straw man…” He does this shit all the time. I believe he spends all of his spare time trolling. I believe it is his raison d’etre. It’s very odd.


Trolls are strange people.


Seriously, it doesn’t sound healthy to be doing that much trolling, there are so many reality things that are so much more interesting. The same is true with playing games.

Didn’t this kid ever hear of the great outdoors?

Speaking of the great outdoors, have you been hiking much of late?


Trolling is fun.



So strange. This particualr kid is going to get ban hammered if he doesn’t knock it off.