¡î¡îE.T,your forefather is parasites¡ï¡ï


You are dog that makes one detest!
E.T is shameless animal!!!
The E.T. is surveying the Saviour’s thought! They attack him with the Saviour’s personal secrets , they have hindered the Saviour from fulfilling one’s own duty! They let the Saviour be unable to live! , What I should remind here is: The Saviour is God’s envoy, at the same time is to the whole human injury too to the Saviour’s injury! The fact is like this too, the alien behavior has guided mankind into very more grave disaster. What behavior is the alien one to cause the human disaster? The E.T. destroyed in the future the development process, behavior injuring the Saviour caused the human disaster. The development process in the future is the biological chain, a ring among them of destruction will cause the destruction of the whole biological chain , its result is calamitous. What I need to remind is here : Though can be predicted, can change in the future, like building the dam on the river, can hold water ; Dig a irrigation canals and ditches nearby, can pilot a ship into harbour . But God’s be
E.T will say so. -------After E.T gets back to their celestial body, their head asks them, what you have done on the earth? E.T will say so: “We and our ally - U.S.A. , China, find in a chatroom that there are individuals that are helping his friend to scold people, that person has been scolding all the time . Because the person that this person scolded involves the high-ranking official of China (though he does not know ), so we help ally China of us, offer assistance for attacking that person in Chinese Government, including offer his personal secrets , his whereabouts , does not allow that person to have the job. Though we know in advance that will do harm to American army to do it in this way. We delete the opinion which he issues, turn into our opinion. Turn his thought into our thought. Attack him , make him give up on the opinion that he plans to write (some are opinions of rescuing people). We have brought the honor and got back to this celestial body.” I think this is E.T will be said.
Can you ask me whether you plan how say to Allah perhaps? I will tell you , when I face Allah’s trial , I will say to Allah so : "I have already warned them ’ E.T has been shameless animals ', though under the interference of E.T and those corruptive governments, I have done one’s best to help the mankind. "
¡î¡îE.T,your forefather is parasites¡ï¡ï
E.T,your forefather is shameless parasite!you is shameless parasite too!please rolls out the earth!here does not need you !you bring the mankind into the disaster!
¡î¡îIdiot,You havenot goodthing to Humanity!¡ï¡ï
Idiot,You havenot goodthing to Humanity!Only rely on surveying my ideological life! You are shameless parasite! Company you hang every day on mouth " in Iraq establishes democratic government ". Is also that I want to come out! Is that I have written in postbox! it is the same to I save New Orleans.But you are may have may not have,Can add disorder only,shameless animal!You are improper for to play the role of saviour , are improper for to play the role of God more. Because you are shameless idiot!



What. The. F***!


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