I love the smell of butthurt in the morning


It’s mostly on the first page of this lovely trophy thread, and all from my brief poasting experience there two full years ago. :heart_eyes:



Who were you dissing, and should we have a little background info? Otherwise, it doesn’t really mean much.


The core group there are rightards who detest strangers with views. They were not welcoming, and I took a very high road in forcing myself on them, even though they called me every name in the book. So I don’t think I dissed anyone at all. But after all this time, some of them remember me with vehemence. That’s all, really.


I thought the op was you. Didn’t really understand who they were talking about. Didn’t read the whole thread.


They know me as Peaches. The OP guy said I was a backstabber. After reading the thread, I invited him to come here and air his complaint face to face. I doubt he will.


Maybe Boro should go there so he can see what an echo chamber REALLY looks like.