I saw two Trumpers with shit piled in their cars and vans


While I was driving a few blocks to the store and a big RV in the parking lot… these looked like the Trumpers who haven’t been out of the woods and away from their meth labs in 20 years…


Did you give them your resume’?


Seriously tho, the medium sized somewhat old timey shopper near me has had a full parking lot, for a day or two…i recently came to understand many of them may or may not be “homeless” and they’re just waiting for the OK to go and see if they still have a bed to sleep in. Yes, I can oblivious.

I got back home (just a few blocks away from the store) and then realized…i’m home those guys in the parking lot, are not. They’re hanging out in the parking lot…

My “Foster Daughter” is doing her libtard part and buying lunches for the fire refugees away from home…If anyone wants to help a Central Oregon Coast Fire Refugee, and I’ll hook you up with Sara,she’s doing her Mother Theresa thing, with all the efforts.