I take my Starbucks black as your soul: Howard Shultz To Step down as head Gouda at the Coffee Giant he created



Coffee tip of the day

Put the pot under where the coffee comes out

I just neglected to do that


We have a coffee maker where the coffee drips slowly into the top of the pot and into the pot. I have forgotten to put the pot back on a couple of times. The brew stays in the well until the pot is back on. Then it comes down all at once. It makes a huge mess.

I really need coffee to be able to make my coffee.


Anyone would be better than corrupt and evil Trump.


I ain’t putting my underwear there


Starbucks guy is a douche

He is on my list



Howard Schultz and I went to the same University so when I say his academics are questionable, I know.


I thought you went to Eastern


He is a fucking douche

I will add him to my list


I think he transferred at some point, if memory serves.


Why doesn’t he just say he wants Trump’s second term. It’s what he’d hand him.


I went to NMU to start, 2 years. Finished at EMU


You already did, just before my toon