I Want My Berries Growed In America


I had some blackberries in my freezer and when I checked out the package I noted that they were growed in Mexico and packaged in Canada. A disappointment. Isn’t anything growed in America anymore?


Witless fools and trumptards


Lots of semi local and California grown produce out here…


This guy’s always at the Farmer’s Market too, you walk by his stand and you can smell the fresh strawberries.


That’s one thing I noticed about Europe is when you walk by a grocery store you can smell the produce. Not as often here.


Europe doesn’t have chemically ripened produce to the extent that we do.

As a Washingtonian, I hate California fruit… why? Because it’s been chemically ripened. That being said, Californian fruit in California didn’t have to be chemically ripened… since it was grown there.

Local foods >


I went to our farmers market up here with my pup for the first time today. Got some strawberries (Our season being this far north are behind everyone’s by 3 weeks or so – I had lilacs blooming well into mid June) and peaches. Kind of bummed they didn’t have a fish stand. Christ, the lake is 50 feet away.


Very nice! Local can be great.

I didn’t say much in my original post, I was curious as to how people would react before I did.:slightly_smiling_face:


That looks beautiful.:yum:


I’ve been getting some Santa Rosa plums, heirloom variety that are amazing.


Do they sell trees out there? Have you checked out the nurseries?


If you work at one, do you have to go to nursery school? Cuz I would qualify…


Haven’t really checked out any nurseries except the one at home depot the other day… I did find the trees for sale online with a search for Santa Rosa Plum… landless peasant out here though.


My reason for wondering if the berries were grown in the US is because if the berries are imported they have been radiated to kill the bugs and stuff and they are sterile. Who knew?

Anyway, I want to plant a bunch of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries in an area that already has many birds. Bushes grown from seed usually aren’t as good as grafted ones but I don’t think the birds will care. :slightly_smiling_face:


A couple years ago I bought 20ft of Raspberry roots on ebay for $20, watered them and picked berries almost all spring-summer-fall last year…


I think “root stock” is what you’re after for the berries…


I used to with my Grandmother picking berries - she cud pick berries all fucking day long at 80 in the blazing sun.

She used to sell them to the jew berry buyer who came around

she wud give him the berries and he would give her money and then my uncle would tell the jew he was ripping her off

I cud write a book

then she would bake a whole bunch of blueberry pies which I would eat too much off while she pretended not to notice :rofl: On a fucking coal stove no less


That would be great for me but I am doing this this time to feed the birds. The land varies between marsh and dry land and access to the best areas is difficult. I figured out a way to do it though.:grin:

I am going to grow some for myself as well. I will use “root stock” for those.


Wow, and they are perennial as well.:slightly_smiling_face:


Just a word of caution, those vine berries can take over your property before you know what’s happening.