I will bet any and all SF Bay Area Sports Fans 5 Recs, that the Seahawks bury the Niner's next Monday


I knew it would be an awesome game. Sadly the 9ers lost.


Okay, five recs, plus one more as a gratuity, since it was a fantastic game.


Maybe this is what two good evenly offsetting matched teams(OL Vs. DL etc), look like at game time.


Bullshit, dude did you even watch the game?


GG 2day Niner types.


Still only given one since the game ended… TL is notoriously stingy with recs




Hey, I’m clicking the :heart:️ as hard as I can.


Must have been a glitch in the software, the last 4 are dated 15 minutes ago.


Yeah, they finally took.