I wish I could be lighthearted today


I envy those that can be removed from the fury I feel toward those 13 men today. Which 13 you may ask, Trump, Kavanaugh and even more so the 11 GOP senators - including the Flake, that voted to proceed with the full senate vote for Kavanaugh.

In all sincerity, this isn’t me poking at you all, it’s true envy. I wish I could compartmentalize a little better.

I’m furious, feel defeated and sad all at once.


What is it Duke would say to this?

Oh yeah…


I contemplate this from time to time. Moving to Europe. Not like it’s any better there, but at least it wouldn’t be my shit to care as much about. Truth is there ain’t no place on the planet that doesn’t suck.


How is it possible that our social evolution is so very slow?


Yeah that

Ya shud applied for that cat caretaker job on that island - free house and pay


I’m allergic to cats. There is that rabbit island tho