Idaho just got grounded


We have about 10 cases in my
county. No reported deaths, yet.

But mostly we’ve had Washingtonians
crossing the stateline the eat at our
restaurants and shop at our stores.

One of my neighbors just moved out,
and into a trailer out in the woods north
of here. I’m betting a lot more of that is
going to happen before this is over.


There’s a view point, a turn off with parking to gaze at the Ocean, it is closed, as are all State Parks, I knew that, but seeing what is just a parking lot on a ledge over looking the water closed to traffic…wow


State parks here are all closed, too.

Although there’s one where there are 2 parallel state highways running N-S 5 to 10 miles apart and no E-W connector for maybe 25 miles EXCEPT for the park access road. The access road thru the park itself belongs to the state dept of natural resources, about 3 miles, with county roads connecting it to the highways. So if the park was locked down, the county residents would be highly inconvenienced. So the road is always open but one isn’t supposed to stop in the park, which is nominally closed and constantly patrolled by park rangers.

There’s also a national forest, rather large, with state & county roads running thru it. They just close the park facilities and roads, pretty much.