If any of your friends are WA Voters


Remind them to vote no on 1639. Not only does it violate the 2nd Amendment, but also the 4th, and it violates Art 1 Sec 24 of the WA State Constitution. But let’s not forget that it says anyone under 25 years old shouldn’t own a gun since their brains aren’t developed yet, but they want them to vote. :roll_eyes: Vote NO for Fascism, Vote NO for Healthcare violations, Vote NO for idiocy, Vote NO for giving a VICTIM of thievery a felony. Vote NO on a tax for a Constitutional Right.



Ban gunz, legalize weed! :slight_smile:


I’m going to urge them to vote yes.


This law is fucked up

they would ban my childhood .22 that I used when I was 8

They called it an assault rifle - WTF?

I read the law not NRA bullshit

The authors of this law should be executed - painfully - fucking commies


I agree, we need more small arms training in are nations mental “health” institutions.


It’s too late, Oct 8 has already passed.


Legalization of weed and dont touch guns.
:man_shrugging: WA is already pretty legalized. I walked into a pot shop when I was bar hopping this last weekend and picked the lady up a lemon fiber. Too easy.


If you think a victim of robbery should get a felony, go on ahead. I don’t think you’re that retarded though.


it ain’t legal until it’s legal like tomatoes you commie consumer slave…


LOL! i are 2 a sentence!



Is the Fraternal Order of Police, like the Elks Lodge?



No, Elks are smarter and do not randomly beat on or kill people