If I had a hammer, I swing it at your windows, all over this boat



That was heroic of him. The description of what they went through is harrowing to even read.


He got nerve - no doubt – now he shud go hide for a few weeks

best ever is the guy jumped off the Tappen Zee in winter to save a suicide - he saved her

Jumpin off the TZ anytime is a death wish



Why women live longer than men…


Not those particular men.


I think the TZ lost his job cause he was supposed to be sick or got arrested on an outstanding warrant fer minor stuff - I forget which

that’s the thanks he got




He got his pic in the paper and that did it

it was a 140 foot drop


That is crazy. Maybe someone else will offer him a job?


The TZ was one of the most hated bridges in the USA

they have since built a new one next to it

I dreaded even driving over it the few times I did


What’s so terrible about it?


Sorry - it’s the new one they hate

A quick search on Twitter proves that people aren’t happy with the Tappan Zee Bridge, officially called the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

One Twitter user wrote “If y’all vote for that ugly bridge to be NY’s new license plate you’re going straight to jail,” while another said it should be “renamed the Big Ugly.”

According to New York Magazine, one of Governor Cuomo’s aides even referred to it as the “hold-your-breath bridge.” While New York Magazine says the bridge is in no immediate danger of falling apart, it also says that “The Tappan Zee routinely sheds chunks of concrete, like so much dandruff, into the river below. Engineering assessments have found that everything from steel corrosion to earthquakes to maritime accidents could cause major, perhaps catastrophic, damage to the span.”

A Jalopnik commenter confirms this, saying. “Every time I cross it I always think this is the day. This is the day its going to collapse. Every bump feels like your last. How I loathe the thing, but how little choice I have in crossing it considering I live right next to it.”


Where is that bridge and how much traffic goes over it? It sounds like it could fall apart at any time.


Tarrytown NY - 20 miles north of Manhatten

3.9 Billion with a B to build



It took the Bay Area 22 years to replace the Bay Bridge…and $6.4 billion dollars.