If you dug down into the ground where you live


this place tells you where you’d come back up on Earth

Wabbit, we’d find ourselves in Sicily.

How about the rest of you?


Fun little deal,

I’d pop out about 100 miles south of Madagascar, in the water


Someone had a lot of time on their hands


Right in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Lonely out here. Not even a volleyball.


How’d you get that?


I used my zip code. Uh-oh, it doesn’t work.


I put in my zip and ended up in pretty much the same part of the indian Ocean.


China. That’s what my Mom told me anyways.


Cool question.

I’d end up in Sri Lanka as far as I can tell.


Way too much time. I want that life. The one where soomeone can sit around pontificating over dumb shit like that.


With my luck, I’d hit a sewer main.