If you registered to vote Republicans gave hackers all your personal info




A Republican data analysis company called Deep Root Analytics left exposed an online database containing the personal information of almost all of America’s 200 million registered voters, the cyber security firm UpGuard has found.

The data contained in the breach includes an unsettling amount of personal information, including voters’ first and last names, birth dates, home and mailing addresses, phone numbers, registered party, self-reported racial demographic and voter registration status.

A Deep Root spokesman confirmed the breach in an email to HuffPost, saying, “We take full responsibility for this situation.”

The company added it is undertaking a full review of the lapse, which is believed to have begun June 1 and lasted through June 14. UpGuard Cyber Risky Analyst Chris Vickery, who found the files, notified federal authorities of the exposure.

Deep Root said it believes only Vickery accessed the database during that time.

Vickery was able to download 1.1 terabytes of “entirely unsecured” data, which uses 9.5 billion data points to describe 198 million potential U.S. voters’ likely political preferences across 48 different categories. Those categories span nearly every major political debate, including a voter’s likely stance on abortion, gun control, stem cell research and environmental issues.

The exposure of such personal data for so many voters is the largest breach of its sort.



I meant to poast this earlier this morning, but I don’t see it now.

What is the fix for this? The analytics company probably doesn’t have ten mill in venture capital…even if they had half a billion laying around to settle the class action lawsuit, we’d each end up with maybe a dollar of compensation.

Tough shit for everybody, I guess.


Oh, gee. Thanks. And how about a fix?


I bet the RNC has much deeper pockets.