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I setup $1.25, $2.50 and a $5.00 a month subscriptions at Patreon, not trying to get rich here, just make it self sufficient regarding hosting and domain registration costs, and maybe get an ssl certificate for it in the future. Not required, you don’t get anything special if you do and you don’t not get anything if ya don’t. Thanks you guys!



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Is it possible to do a one-time contribution instead of a monthly? I don’t do those monthly things.


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I’m not positive at all on this but I’m guessing it probably charges like $15 for the cheapest one and subscribes you for a year, which I think you’d be able to unsubscribe from as well so you don’t get rebilled next year if that’s how they do it…

Edit, I was wrong… it’s a monthly subscription, if you want to do a one time of $10 or something, I can make a $10 option and then you can unsubscribe after you get billed.

One-off payments are always on our radar. In general, we love the idea. At the same time, we need to ensure that we stay true to what Patreon is all about, which is building a membership platform for creators.

For now, the best way for a patron to support a creator with a one-time pledge is to become a patron, and simply delete your pledge after your been successfully charged or after the first of the month. You’ll know when that happens because you’ll receive an email confirmation right after the 1st of the month or when you’ve been charged that says your pledge has successfully processed.


SSL certs are free baby.


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Give me a couple of days to think it through.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Starling, I had checked out the letsencrypt stuff a little when it first came out but it looked hard to implement, now I see it’s part of the discourse setup, I should have it done on the next try here I hope, their instructions could be a little better for hacks like me!

Edit - well I guess that didn’t work again! I keep getting an error that says my letsencrypt email isn’t set even though I set it in the app.yml file… hmmmmmm Guess I’ll mess with it late at night sometime so I’m not crashing the site.


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When you say things like this, I have to wonder what you are currently paying for hosting. If you wouldn’t mind telling me, I might have some ideas for you to drop costs depending on your needs.

Here’s the details on the SSL cert setup if you want something step by step. Not sure what you’ve tried…


Hosting is costing me $10-$20 a month now, last year it was costing $20-$40 and about $40 a month for the last half of the year, which was too buku. Plus $8 for backups, now $2-4.

I think my problem setting up letsencrypt is they don’t like my email address for some reason, I’m going to try it with a gmail next.


I’ll do something, let me check it out


How much do I gotta give to become a mod around here?


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What about Pay Pal? I don’t like the idea about paying monthly although I do have a few dollars left on an American Express gift card.


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