If you'd like to support the site


Oh yeah and have access to the BAN HAMMER!


I’ve thought about paypal before but Paypal would expose your private and my private information to each other, with this you should be able to use any name you want for your username and I don’t think it’s going to give me anymore details than username - subscribed for so much.


I don’t care about knowing yer private stuff cause to kill ya I would have to leave the house and sending pizzas to yer place is not my style


I agree, I don’t care so much. I know I won’t harass Billdo IRL and I trust he isn’t motivated to do so to me either.


Ikr? And if you sent him dildos like they did to the Malheur occupiers, the pervert would probably use them!


I suspect Billdo just needs apple bucks to keep playing this:


Yeah. The monthly thing is against my religion. And the fix looks too complex.


Oh. Yer right. Don’t want that either.


I don’t mind contributing. PayPal would have been my first choice (LOL, I remember how that worked out for me with Farmer.)

But I’ll figure Patreon out in a day or two, after the eagle shits for me.


I’d send a check to his home address.


Send it to me, and I’ll pay him off through the super secret staff mail system.


I think they do a Paypal subscription thingy, when I set it up I had to agree that they could bill a bank account I have registered with paypal that has been dead for years. :slight_smile: