I'm all backwards now


Bought a motorcycle, putting the Z06 up for consignment and buying a Prius.

Lord help me…


The Prius is a better car, don’t kill yourself on the crotch rocket…


I thot cons sed batts do not really work?



You sure do like the wild colors on your motor vehicles Bromo.



In typical KTM livery, here is the bike. It’ll be my first street legal bike so I wasn’t gonna go all out. It’s a small little 390.


Can you do front wheel stands on it yet?


Haven’t even rode it yet, lol. It’s being put together right now


It’s a neat looking bike. So you get tired of collecting speeding tickets?


Setting myself up to buy a house or something.

Car is ~600/mo and insurance is 180 for it.


Best of success on that. Good on ya


Cruising day.
With a pit stop at McDs for a 40 piece nugget for $10


Love the helmet.


Wow. I’ve never wanted to ride a motorcycle so much in my life.

Wear a helmet. Have fun.


That it is a cool looking bike, it almost has a Porsche vibe.


It’s all about handling… and it’s fun.
I love the exposed frame.

Got it brand new with 0 miles and I’ve put 76 on it so far. :sunglasses: