Immigration - It's a Good Thing, and Yet Some Seek


Hey - maybe there’s a sale at Salvation Army. You could pick yourself up some vintage clothes. :wink:

Have a nice day posting. LoLz @ Billda


I’m sorry for your pain, Apester. Let’s put it on the schedule and talk about what ails you next year. In the meantime, here’s a nice site where you can learn more about the principles of light and color.


I guess it must also be the anniversary week of my triumphant return.

Yay Oak!


I thot they was a 5 cent cover charge to keep out the riff raff


We need a rate increase! He’s rich now, he can buy new gay clothes.


Why am I not being awarded a trophy for running him off for a year with my return?

You ingrates!


Probably because you didn’t run him far enough off…?


Okay, fair enough.



Oh look, Heinrich Spoonler, the internetz Gestapo commandant is here. Hiya Hiney. :slightly_smiling_face:

btw - no one ran me off. I left voluntarily to escape an atrocious stench. Still seems to be here too.



So where went 50s Housewife Billda? I wanted to discuss his bullshit tranny troll and his failure justifying slacker philosophy (or is it “way of life” - I’m nothing if not PC :smiley:) Oh - and the moment, years ago, when he exposed himself as a coward and fraud. Oh well, “wait till next year” as Warrior fans will soon say.


Isn’t he a little well dressed to be you? :laughing:

…but - I do like Regan - funny guy…unlike you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I notice when you get here it starts to smell bad.


Wow! you’ve been paying a 5 cent cover to get in here? …Whoa!
Hey - how ya doin ya ol poopy head?

Good to see you’re still peddling that phoney accent and praying to CC (not the cleaner) for an asteroid. Collecting sardine tins.
Never change, 6 - life is scaaaaary. :hushed:


Quit yer blubberin. LoLz at “blubberin”.


Well Okay, all yous master trolls. It’s been great making fun of you again.

Oh, and please - someone give my best regards to the Queen of Farts, or Cuntess, or Fleabag or whatever handle her nic switch pussy is going by this week.

Till next year…

 (place exit music here)


Go away with you old ass tired fat lames. Uncreative, boring and completely irrelevant to a forum.



Just got this fresh meme, I want to store it here, brb. (I’m cleaning the bathroom bowl)


Please consult your memory for the longish list of posters who’ve left forums you were posting on, OF WHOM you subsequently claimed to have “run them off.”

Res ipsa loquitur, pal.


“Escape” also has its implications.