Immigration - It's a Good Thing, and Yet Some Seek


IKR? It makes me immediately think back to his time in the “Institution”. (Whether he imagined that or not)


When I came out on here I was pretty surprised at how accepting and kind most of ya were and immediately by holly’s reaction I knew right away that he was a very closeted person with some sort of gender identity issues of some sort… crossdresser with a clothing fetish I’d guess but I’m no Sigmund Freud or anything! :smile:

Sorry Holly, don’t have time these days to bicker with losers like yourself, I’m off to procure some cannabis, I hope you get some help. :wink:


As Villanelle said (sorry - no clip)


Sure super cool guy go smoke some weed. Yer a rebel an y’ll never ever be
any good. And you aren’t.
Nah - as I told you then - been there done that.
Platform shoes, glitter shirts, nail polish. All common moments of experimentation when you are part of an anything goes generation at the age when all forms of trial are normal.
…but that doesn’t amount to crossdressing since it was a male style of the time and my attire of this time is very male and traditional. The only reason I stand out now in my appearance today is that we live in such an uneventful (except in it ugliness) age, when people are fool enough to believe that sloppy casual is rebellion. Actually what it represents isn’t rebellion, no victory against conformity, what it represents is the defeat of the human spirit and personal dignity. I mean - sure, you may feel comfortable in your saggy pants, sweat shirts, baseball cap turned backwards and cheap sneaks, but all those of us who have maintained see is a surrender flag waved by the weak. I can fairly well quote a member of your menagerie on the subject, paraphrase at least,: No self respecting blank would dress like that. Ummm - actually a powerful statement because it suggest that presentation in public measures self respect, though I would add that it also measures one’s respect for those by whom they are seen.
“A person should themselve’s be a work of art” (in appearance - certainly more), to quote a friend. Today, people look like what the household sent to the curb, not a dignified, properly proud human being.
Bilda - both men and women appreciate that I show respect for both myself and them.
So no - my reaction to your “coming out” (:laughing:) has nothing to do with closets or gender confusion or any other ninja dust you can throw in the air - it’s all about the fraudulence of your claim - which was/is obvious to me.

Want to hear more?

Raptors 60 - 57 at the half.


Yer even more fucked up then I thot

yer willing to be uncomfortable to look good while I use the dress down to separate the fakes from real folks and mainly cause it’s comfortable


Can you simply just go away? Transpersons have enough to deal with. They don’t need the opinions of malcontents.


…but trolls need outin’

the trans need support and therapy, yes.
…I live in cow country, dear. I nose the smell-a-bullshit.


Big Doosh 6. How doon, mang?


So what if it is all bullshit, what business is this bullshit of yours? No one here “cares”, except you ever so defensively.


How’s ya, Chimpansy?


Fine, considering the atdt and manic episodes and runnin 27 years of straight bad luck, never mind the overwhelming depression, but hey - I only wanna blow my brains out 6 times a day instead of 7




Sorry on that one, but I hear one makes one’s own luck.

What’s with you?


Oh yeah, and you don’t.



Man, the years are flying by faster than ever…Holy Shit!


That’s bullshit


1991 to now – 27 or 28


He never says that when he’s whining about Latino undocumented workers.


Hey, I didn’t want to expose you - though you’re welcome to expose yourself if you care to.

…but - that was you I paraphrased (as I have an excellent memory).


I was referring to Hollydork’s anniversary. See ya next year bullshit.

We’re fucked, it’s back.


I think you need to learn to read. Go read what I had writ and show me where it says I would not make a post till next year.

Man, you people really suck at reading.