Interesting Day of Basketball Today


Louisville and Michigan in a good one now - 53 all with under 9 to play.
Kansas, Kentucky, NC, Duke and Oregon playing later games.



I think O plays the Rhodies today and Duke manana.


Kansas, Kentucky, NC, Duke and Oregon playing later games.

I need all to win.


Shockers lookin good against Kentucky now. A lot of people were high on them going into the tourney.


I bet Witchy thought Sparty might outlive UM by a couple of hours.


That was a little close for comfort. KY better get their shit together.


AAAAAh - I was hoping for Wichita.

Check out this fling…


Ended up a 3 point victory for KY, they didn’t make the spread but squeaked by. The Shockers are always good…our local univ is in the same conference and we get to see 'em once or twice a year.


Kansas looked dominant. I can see 3 or 4 of their starters making it to the NBA.

I like how coach brought in the White guys once it was out of hand.


Is RI this year’s Cindy? Cindybeenwinnin

Ducks showing their metal though - back on top by 2.
Good un goin on yo.

PS: Back en forth
back en forth

72 all, 1:44 remaining in reg.

Another sparkler. RI didn’t work for a good shot at the end. Folks not movin, too much standing around. Good game. Congrats Duckie boys.


Nah, Oregon has just been ropa dopin the mopes, wearin em down and the like.


That was a great game, lucklily Oregon got the W, but RI didn’t make it easy for them.


Next up is Duke, Crikey!


I been waiting to see these guys. Already up 10 on SC.

oooooo SC back to one down now.

Major upset in the makings, B-Ball fans.
Plenty time to go though

…and Cincy up 3 at the half over UCLA.

Duke Dooowwwwn!


We took a dump yesterday after 30 minutes. If Bridges stays next year Izzo might win another title with the class he’s got coming in again next year as well