Interesting week painting rocks (pic heavy)


Took a short ride in a Boeing (post McDonald Douglas merger built) C17. We airlifted four ICV Strykers and our crews. Pretty cool all things considered… and I got to ride in the cockpit.


You’re in a Stryker brigade?


Yes sir. Mounted infantry.


The privates

The bird

Official article


Was it fun? Looks fun.


It was a blast, and it took our 9 hour convoy to 3, so that’s cool.


Now we’re waiting for the rest of the company to convoy here


Just the troop carriers, or did you take an MGS unit as well?


We took 4 Strykers, and full crews including dismounts


Are Strykers all the same or are they outfitted for different missions, like is there a Gunship version, or i dunno a C & C model?


Mortar version has a giant mortar in the back, ICV version (mine) has an M2 mounted onto a remote weapon system and carries 9 passengers for a total crew of 11 people fully loaded. There’s also a MEV (medical evacuation vehicle) which is basically the Stryker version of the medic hmmwv. Those are the 3 we utilize. There’s an engineer, recon, and a big turret like tank version too.


I think they’ve got an AT version with TOW missiles, too, but that is a battalion asset.


I hear that Venezuela has some pretty good Pampero Rum.


Ooh, I love rum


I always get the good .50 :face_with_monocle::man_facepalming:t2:




So I was in the top 5 (number 4 specifically) of shooters in the battalion. Even with the aforementioned weapon malfunction (which was mostly solved by dousing the action mid-“combar” with gear oil).

Good times.