Is anybody on board an Airline Pilot? If so, please go up front and drive this plane, please! Hurry please!



holy crap


Os it a propeller-driven plane, or is it turban-powered?


That was a sikh joke.


Seriously, I wish those Hindus would have landed the plane before trying to settle their beef.


Or bang a d’lecious stewardess.


Such a Sikhsist comment.

(I know, one “Sikh” job per punwar - but it was too good to pass up.)


Ad long as you pack a standard set of them.


Maybe she wanted to go back to economy class and pet a goat or a cow


Maybe you should just stay… mum, bye!


The pilot was just trying to curry favor.


Have at it



Many moons ago, when the world was a more innocent place, my brother put cash in his suitcase. That was the last time he saw it, and the last time he did anything so naive.