Is it time to be putting Canadians into camps?


They may have loyalties to Canada rather than us…


That’s treason!


If anyone’s gonna be put into camps, it’s us brazoolians


You got a good point there - it don’t get much more fucked up then that


How come the comments don’t get translated


Disqus is on a different frame, I think


I have a Disqus ID, they should have given me benefits. Fvcking Portigees.


I will force them to learn Navajo then this problem will go away


Well, the old ladies do have injun blood but they are living with city folks and city teepees so they can’t go around burying babies they don’t like

it’s ok if they’re in the woods and do that, though

It’s their way.


I didn’t realize that only women in Brazil kill their offspring.


But there’s a difference between doing it for being batshit crazy and doing it because your “culture” tells you to do so.

The second one is kinda ok here.


Right, huge difference in outcome.


I’m just glad I don’t advocate the killing of babies. Injun or not.


You’re a true hero.


Just muzzie ones.


Not the babies. They can still be cured.


I’ll alert the media.


You know that doesn’t make sense, right?


He’s quoting Sir John Gielgud, from “Arthur”, and getting a rec from me.


That’s nice.