Is it time to be putting Canadians into camps?


Diane Downs is a personal favorite child killer of mine, since she is an Oregonian.(Not all Oregoians throw their sleeping babies off very high bridges, btw.


I was gonna invite Oak to a summit

But I think she might push me from there


I think we need to get Lotus here

I mean, if those two nuts in Singapore did it, these could do it too.

Oak and Lotus should be best friends ever.

Use Lemon to make a trio and it’s apocalypse material right there.


I don’t understand you.

Maybe Wabbit and Apey are willing to translate.


ya know, a summit, but from a mountain

to my death

come on, oakie

I’m being nice to ya

drop those cobble stones


A summit is also a high place from which you could push an annoying person off.


I don’t have enough interest in him to want to harm him.


What kind of crazy culture do you have there in Oregon?


You know that, but he doesn’t.


Now he does.


So, you agree to a summit?


Sure, why the hell not?


Well to be fair, she was from Phoenix AZ. So…


I meant what was wrong with the rest of you that you didn’t throw all your babies from bridges…nevermind, I failed.