Is it too Late to Call?


A little lady looks sumthin like this

I wish Lotus was here to guide me on this. I do not see why the little lady would want to move into my hood.


Sorry. I don’t understand.


Well, we had quite the falling out. Even worse than the hair loss. Now…

She called to ask about rentals in my hood.
I ask…
…what could it mean?


That she needs a new place and thought your neighborhood might be a good one?


So info I should give?


Huh? Are you asking me if you should tell her about rentals?


Latest Doc nic, are you a rent boy?


Are you trying to waste my posts?

Fukrite I am.


Well yehsee,

No ulterior motives in wanting to move next door? huh?


I think you may be drunk, Doc.


I never drink to excess, madam.


Am i in error but does your pic not portray a young lady of an Asiatic extraction, whereas your storied stalker was of a Latina orientation?

Nurse, drink now!



You could look it up.



Left a message with info for Chiquita.
Hope I do not regret this.

Then she called back to thank me and we had a very perfunctory sort of conversation. Well, it was a bit strained really.

The End…maybe.

Tell me birds don’t wish they could sing like Dolly.

Anyone remember Oak taking Jeff to task for spelling chaquita as Chaquita does?
Oh the good old days.