Is Jared Kushner a closet woman?



He seems very effeminate…


Wait. Do you think he had a sex change? If he did, those kids can’t be his. Are they DONNY’s kids???


Kushner is registered to vote in two states—both New York and New Jersey. (Voter records from New Jersey list Kushner’s gender as “unknown.”)



Maybe Jared is Ivanka’s replacement after she got tired of having sex with daddy.


LMAO. Yeah, or that. ^^^^^^


Melania Trump is really Bruce Jenner.


She does look kind of mannish. Maybe Donny actually gave birth to Barron.



TheJess Ylleg
3 months ago
he is gay as lgbt summer parade


He’s a kosher pillow biter



So he used private e-mail for govt business and is registered as a female?

Holy shit, Jared Kushner is Hillary!


I think Jared Kushner might be the daughter Hillary didn’t know she had.


Haters gonna hate.


If he is, then who fathered Ivanka’s kids?

Wink wink.


Can you imagine the outrage if that was ever said about #44? Hypocrites.


Are you seriously going to sit there and act like you never saw the meme’s of Michelle Obama sporting an erection?


Nope, never saw it.