Is there a Political Humor thread? If so, I can't find it


New Alabama state flag














^^^ or inconsistent



^^^ Me, 37: “If I had a rocket launcher…”

Me, 47: I’m reading Marvin Heemeyer’s biography.

Me, 57: I’ve reversed Heemeyer’s Killdozer and rented a garage. I’m taking a welding course now.

Me, 67: “If I had a Stinger or a Sidewinder…”

Me, today: Fuck alla them muthafukers.



Me at 18: put me in, coach.

Me at 20: where’s the chicks at?

Me at 22: hope I can land that $30k job ( big money in those days)

Me at 28: get off the road, fool. (I admit, this one still holds)

Me at 30: oh crap, in theGood Samaritan story, I’m the Levite.

Me at 31: so this is what it’s like to be fired.

Me at 34: that preemie in the next incubator looks even worse than my daughter in this one.

Me at 42: that kid wants to play soccer, but his parents can’t afford the fee. Here it is.

Me at 51: you can’t pay me enough to lie and to fck over my fellow workers.

Me at 52: (peak year) 17 kids need league fees? Here it is. How are they fixed for school supplies? Clothes?

Me at 55: you can employ thirty people or you can buy robots, produce the same amount of product at the same cost. Go with the people.

Me at 58: yes, I’m retiring, but I’ll still support the soccer program, the school booster club, my church, and thirty other charities, and still push for laws that favor people over corporations and protect the weak from the strong.

I grew more liberal, and less self centered, as I grew older.