Is there A Scottish Forum


Where Sassenachs can stereotype me using the full palette of tartan and shortbread tropes, and I can scream injustice at my country’s lack of self determination?


We used to have a Scots forum, but the moderators kilt it.


Do we at least have a helpful kilted paperclip that tells you how to improve your posts, or unlimited access to Cindy’s Netflix account?


No, but stick around. Flea’s here, Oak is here. Could be interesting.


Fleas here? I have known Flea man and boy, so we have a makeup forum?


So what’s our thinking on Scottish independence, I am assuming we are all not here just to insult a grandson of Alba?


If Sean wants independence, that’s good enough for me.


Alas Sean wanted indy 50 years ago, and we still don’t have it. If only everyone was as sensible as you Lion.

Can we all agree at least that it is England that is the enemy, and for the common weil it should be reduced to ash blowing on a soft southern breeze.

Or just every member and voter of the Tory Party, whatever comes first.


I’m always available to take the baritone or bass part if we wanna sing “Parcel of Rogues,” a capella, in five part harmony. I love the Scots in general, and mostly hate the English. But that’s about as deep as my political sophistication goes.


Am I really English if I descend from the Normans?


I am already liking it here. A special thanks to Oak.


This forum has sentient beings. :grinning:


Decent folks Oak, I have no doubt aboot dat.


Speaking of Scots, I have a question I’m curious about. Do the conservative Scots tend to be linked by religion, i.e., Protestantism - to England?

I support Scots independence.


Not in any way whatsoever. We do have issues relating to sectarianism in the West of Scotland, indeed many problems created in Northern Ireland were due to Scots migrations during and after the war of the Three Kingdoms.

Scotland has not voted Tory in our election system since 1955, but we are continually ruled by successive Conservative governments, only interspersed by Labour ones.

We do have our own devolved parliament since 1999, however they have limited powers.

Scotland, like Norway both in terms of size and natural resources is one of the richest country’s on the planet. Our oil wealth is immense and untapped. That is the only reason England wants to hold onto us.

We are very much a secular nation now Oak. UK wide.


Got it.

Thanks for the information. I hadn’t thought of your natural resources, silly me.