Is this racist? I don't like to share racist jokes



Why do we have this thread when we don’t approve of Chris Matthews? It’s okay to make bad jokes for us but not okay for people on tv?


That’s the reason i put it here…its imho a pandemic tp hoarding joke. But the model being a certain color, I thought here would be the place to put it to defuse judgements of racism.
Maybe that’s me whitesplaining.

But that aside, point taken, i will study on it.


I’m not talking about you, but the whole thread.

I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve stayed away without saying anything for a long time.

The sexism thread is similar…I don’t participate in that much either.

We can’t move forward without either everyone chilling out and having the same standards for everything or stopping this kind of stuff everywhere.

Sanitize or STFU…


It’s hard out here for a W.A.S.P. these days.


What do you call a Native American ghost who plays accordion?





The thread has been up over five years, 126 replies, about 25 posts a year or TWO posts a month on average. Why are you deciding just now to not only fuss about it but also virtue signal and conclude with an imperative sentence? That’s a really serious question

The misogyny thread OTOH has only been sitting there for three years, and if I ever get around to splitting out the argument between Lotus and Wabbit {AND your handful of posts not liking its existence} it will only amount to about ONE post a month “on topic.” The impetus for creating this thread was a suggestion by Starling (who at the time was an active member.)

Interestingly enough, the said argument between Lotus and Wabbit was partly about the use of the imperative mood in a complaint. Might be worth a read.


Because many here were virtue signaling about Chris Matthews when we have this here?

Too difficult to figure out?


I’ll necro another post to show you how we traditionally have asked the forum operator to make changes in how the forum is run.

It may not be until in the morning.