Is your child a practicing communist?


Examine their text message for these dead give aways.


Wow. Well, at least the Trump admin is monitoring their texts, so they can just arrest everyone who uses those terms. Whew!


Are you kidding me?

People are getting away with presidential death skits


Yeah, guess what, the same Theater Company doing the same play assassinated an Obama proxy during a play during his tenure, and you didn’t hear the manufactured outrage that we hear now. In fact I don’t remember even hearing about it period.

Yet Ted Nugent spoke of Obama’s and HIllary’s death on multiple occasions, but that’s OK, because that was just old Ted.


Non sequitur alert!


that’s a good name for a travel agency


ok, without googling, I can say there have been at least 10x more "death mentions"from high profile people related to Trump than Obama

Only one from Obama I can remember is from Ted Nugget





I’m talking about high profile, from famous people, which have a lot of repercussion in the media