It's been a long day, folks


Woke up at 6AM to work on the Z06.
Filled and tightened differential, put exhaust in, coil packs, spark plugs, wires etc.
Drove 30 miles to get an alignment at my buddies Les Schwab. Car wouldn’t start. So I make sure everything is plugged in… I got power, I hear the starter relay click but no go. No crank. I go to check my oil… oops. Forgot to put the dipstick tube back in. Explains the oil on the underside of the car… which I was praying was not clutch fluid. So I go back home, grab the dipstick tube and come back to Les Schwab. Reinstalled it, only lost a quart of oil
Not seized… good. Still no start. Go to mess with the starter and the stupid threaded stud that holds my lead wire on is broken internally. I had my buddy wiggle it while I cranked… fired right up.

Now I gotta take my exhaust all apart again and put a new starter in.

It’s always something.


Sounds like the time a friend of mine changed the oil on my car and forgot to put the oil cap back on… he was in the guard too.


Now that’s just special.

I took the whole dipstick tube out, so it’s not like there was anything visually missing when you took a glance at it.

I had everything laid out in the garage so I wouldn’t forget anything… garage was rearranged so I literally had to go look for everything… shitty… but no biggie.




Congrats on figuring how to poast a pic right-side up!